Numbered list of prompts.


1)Trapped Inside
2) Write a poem or piece of work from the perspective of a favorite childhood toy or one of your kids’ favorite toys.
3) A memorable camping Trip
4) A day in the life of __.
5) Top 10!
6) Recipe of DOOM
7) An Alien Perspective
8) The Prank
9) Why you shouldn’t Read this Blog
10) The Sandwich (a prop)
11) The Big Mistake
12) Last Ride (Just a working title of whatever)
13) The light was left on (gonna do a poem)
14) Glorious Heroics
15) A quarter past
16) Dear Heart Breaker – Write a letter to the first person who ever broke your heart
17) Before the Internet
18) Story in a Song – Take a line from a song you love and turn it into the title of your next blog post. Let the content follow.
19) Safe place from Childhood
20) What do you dream about? (No use of I or me, or drunk as all get out. Gotta make sure that’s in here)
21) Big Childhood Trouble
22) Character Sketch of a Villain Take their unpleasant traits and exaggerate. Make them as nasty as you wanna be. Tell us what she/he/it looks like. What are her/his/its motivations? No one is all good or all bad, which makes a villain complex and interesting. Tell us everything you need to know about this character.
23) Where you’re from (Template )
24) PICTURES (May or may not be worth 1000 words. LETS FIND OUT!)
25) The Empty Bag – “Your protagonist empties the contents of his/her pockets, purse, and/or backpack onto a table. What all was dumped onto the table?”
26) Flash Fiction- Which one do we kill?
27) Hemingway was famous for his super sparse writing. He used almost only dialogue in many of his works. Write a piece in which you use ONLY dialogue.
28) “I could have never imagined… …then the whole world shifted” First phrase to begin, second to end.
29) The ABC’s of__ (underscores)
30) 30 Seconds Later –
31) The perspective of a broken inanimate object.
32) Morality tale with supernatural phenomenon in a fantasy world.
33) Influence yourself from your childhood
34) The New Years when time stopped.

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