The cast of “The Darkest Golden Birthday”

I’m still undecided on the title.  I originally wanted to go with “The Blackest Golden Birthday” but the racist attitudes would definitely NOT see the word play in that (and this fact only dawned on me as I began to write this post with that title).  I’m still out on it.  I will overthink it, I already have.

This story is about a girl who is about to turn 13.  Her birthday is on the 13th of May and this birthday is her golden birthday; and it’s on a Friday.  Prime for shenanigans and crazy, bad happenings.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Golden Birthday, it’s the birthday of the day you turn that age.  For example, if you were born on June 2, your golden birthday is the year you actually turn 2.  Do you miss out on anything having a birthday early in any given month, no, it’s just cooler if your golden birthday is say, the 19th year, or the 21st year, or the 25th year.

Protagonist – Erin Gardner

Helpers – Mazzy Flake, Jimi Flake, Nick Gardner (antagonist cos brothers just are), Jeremy Gardner (same as what I said in previous parentheses), Claire Gardner, Thomas Gardner, Ezra Flake (may make an appearance or two), Justin Jenkins, Rorschach (a Fox Terrier mix, the Gardner family dog), Cheeseburger (Jeremy’s hamster), Inky (the Gardner family cat), Fin (Erin’s Betta, who, for all intents and purposes seems to listen and understand), and more might enter into the fold at some point.

Antagonist – Lina Sanders, Friday the 13th.

Erin Gardner and her family live in a small town. Claire is the mom, Thomas is the dad, Nick is the oldest brother and Jeremy is the second oldest brother.  Erin is in 7th grade.  The middle grade of middle school.  Fortunately, she isn’t the middle child (she told me to say that), she is the youngest.

Mazzy Flake is Erin’s best friend and influencer of all things fun and sometimes on the brink of trouble.  She’s outspoken, smart and fun to be around, except sometimes she spends so much time talking to everyone that it feels like she doesn’t have time for Erin, or so Erin feels.  Mazzy’s family has an interesting naming story.  Her mom is Jimi, Dad is Mike, brother is Ezra.  Her full name is Mazzy Starr Flake.

Isn’t this fun already?  I have a bit written, as I mentioned in an earlier post.


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