The reason for this need to write, currently.

I used to write lots of things when my kids were little.  I was inspired by things they did & our interactions.  I still want to write what I know & what I know is them.  About a year ago I started writing this book inspired by this girl of mine turning 12.  I thought, turning 13 on the 13th for a golden birthday and having everything go wrong – that might make for an excellent read.  I started it.  & it sat, for months. A year later, here I am with nothing else to show for it.

My girl is a lover of books. She reads a lot. More than I did when I was young & that’s saying something because I used to read a lot, much moreIMG_2464smaller then – than I do now.  We started this thing together and she really wants me to pursue it. She thinks it’d be a success.  I tell her she’s biased, but she says it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m her mom.  “It’s a good story, mom. A great idea that I think kids my age would read and enjoy.”

It’s all I’ve been thinking about for several weeks now.  I wanted to to motivate to write more in it & this is a way for me to do that, I hope.  I asked her if having it done by the end of her 13th year would be a good idea. She said DO IT!  So, I am.  She turns 13 on the 9th of April.  I have a little over a year.


One thought on “The reason for this need to write, currently.

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