Perspective of a kid’s favorite toy (writing prompt) Day 2

I am so soft and fluffy,

I am your best friend.

Cuddles when you feel sleepy,

On my hugs you can depend.

Momma placed me in your crib

Oh so long ago.

Since then, you and me,

We’ve been inseparable.

My seams are beginning to fray.

The washes are making me thin.

At some point, I may fall apart.

What will we do then?

Momma has already made repairs.

I have my one new eye.

Some parts of me are sewn,

I’m in need of some dye.

As my colors fade

It seems you find me less.

If my heart had beats,

They’d sound a bit distressed.

You are much older now.

I’ve been packed into a box.

Seems you’re moving out.

It’s comfy here with your socks.

Will you put me in a drawer,

And forget about me?

Or will you put me in a place

For all the world to see?

I’m not so soft and fluffy.

Time has me more than worn.

I’m still here for your cuddles,

And hugs for when you’re down.

The box it has been opened.

I feel you lift me out,

And hold me tightly to you.

Why did I ever doubt?




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