What is this Earth? (writing prompt) day 7

To bespeak of me would be to call me Naunet. I only have learned the Earth languages in the past 2 light years of my travels. This report will be told in the one called English.  The planet I am arriving from is aquatic.  Not most aquatic, all aquatic. Our planet would be called, in English, Taura ( Ta-oo-ra).  We are a water people. We communicate in a way that humans do not, or cannot. What a human calls a brain, we call tefnut. Our tefnut allows nonverbal communication, or what a human might call telepath. If I encounter a human, the communication for me will be most difficult.  I’ve never used my rillette to verbally communicate. I intend on remaining stealthy to avoid such a possibility. Henceforth will be my discovery. Continue reading