What is this Earth? (writing prompt) day 7

To bespeak of me would be to call me Naunet. I only have learned the Earth languages in the past 2 light years of my travels. This report will be told in the one called English.  The planet I am arriving from is aquatic.  Not most aquatic, all aquatic. Our planet would be called, in English, Taura ( Ta-oo-ra).  We are a water people. We communicate in a way that humans do not, or cannot. What a human calls a brain, we call tefnut. Our tefnut allows nonverbal communication, or what a human might call telepath. If I encounter a human, the communication for me will be most difficult.  I’ve never used my rillette to verbally communicate. I intend on remaining stealthy to avoid such a possibility. Henceforth will be my discovery.

Light year (Aedre) 3:

I am in what they call Earth’s atmosphere. The Charybdis is under cloak. Even this distance, there seems to be much cacophony. Earth seems to be a very loud place. I may need to acquire and implant a transceiver to minimize volumes.

Another thing I observe is Earth “time”.  It feels prolonged.  If I were to explain in human terms, one Earth year is the equivalent of one second Tauran time.  Impossible, it feels, to express how prolonged this visit is. I wish for home already. Time adaptation is crushing of the cotovatre.

As I navigate the Charybdis closer to Earth, the transceiver is in place.  It is necessity.  Abenahir, or in English, ears would explode from all this aural turbulence.  I am seeing vast adva. Apologies, water. I am observing life in the water.  This life is not human, it is…something else.  Humans are of the field, of the mount, of the shore. Water is not to live, but to amuse. I must close in. Modifying transceiver even more.

In adva, telepathing with a creature they call dolphin from within the Charybdis. It is a beholden creature, as are we, to the water. It speaks of humanity in nary a positive nature. Humans have wronged these creatures. It saddens me to become aware of this. This dolphin is forgiving.  He expresses many humans working toward change and clean up.  My observation is of plentiful waste in the water.  It must disrupt so much life for these creatures.

I venture forth to land masses. Under cloak, again, I observe mass amounts of waste.  There are places of cessation from the dregs of human living.  They are seemingly lovely. To use a human word for zomorod, there is much green.

In seeing the humans themselves, there is contrast. Coteries of poor and misfortunate, then waves of prodigality.  There is also much derisiveness between the positions of these humans. The ones up high speak small of those down low. Those down low speak of nothing but how to love life, to improve somehow.  The low seem to seek better, not all but many.  The high seem to seek nothing but excess, again, not all but many.  Much of the infighting is seemingly unnecessary.  Those on high impress negative thoughts to me.  Those down low, well, they establish a more common peace, but a deeply wounded cotovatre.

Human technology is infantile compared to our Taura. The machinery is primitive.  Loud and primitive. Biggest cities seem to generate the most waste, the most bedlam, too.  It seems there is so much pandemonium here on this Earth.  It doesn’t seem to be harmonious in any way.  This is not a place we can do more with than to observe and educate other peoples about.  What will become of it, I do not want to fathom.

I must return home.  This place is responsible for entropy within my cotovatre. I am apologizing, my soul would be the proper human word.  I am certain I have misused some of the language.  I have done my best.  Leaving will unweight me.

Earth is a place in need of much healing, both spiritually and organically.  In every way imaginable, the Earth needs to heal.  At this stage, this Tauran is unsure that it can be recovered from its spiral into demise.

End report.



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