Who am I?


Living in the Midwest is peaceful.  We’re in a small town with a close knit community.  There are a lot of good people here.  Some are genuine, some are fake, but still, good because they are nice, even if they don’t mean it.  I don’t get close enough to those people to allow myself to get hurt by what they may or may not say behind my back.  I have a couple of really good friends here & they are my saving grace.  They are the ones that will remain in my life for as long as we are alive.  They know who they are.

My husband and I have been married for 22 years, together for 26.  It 17806718_10155960084333662_1066359875_n.jpgdoesn’t seem like a lifetime, it’s passed us by waaay too quickly.  It feels like we only just got married a couple years ago.  He makes me laugh just about every day.  It wasn’t always like that, but it is now and that’s what matters most to me. To us.  He is never in photos, so when I can catch him off guard, I treasure it.

We’ve raised 3 kids here, well, one is fully adulted, the other two are still growing up. looksvintage.pngOur youngest son just turned 16. Our baby, our only daughter is about to turn 13. Maia1.pngThey are all amazing kids and I feel like we are doing what we need to so that they can become the things they want to be in life & do all the things they want to do.  17757859_10155960083778662_1577829255_nOur 22 year old lives about 2.5 hours away from us with his better than I ever imagined girlfriend.  They come up to see us form time to time & hopefully, they’ll be up again soon to let me take some photos.  Maybe they’ll be engagement photos. Maybe that’s wishful thinking. One day, he may be a rock star.  That’s not wishful thinking, he’s the lead guitar in a band called Rivals. They are only just beginning!

My number one son and I are currently excommunicated.  Partly because he’s angry at me, because I was only 15 when I gave birth to him and I made too many mistakes (that’s a story for another blog post…maybe, at some point); and partly because he is not the loving, caring, giving young man that I knew not so long ago. He’s different and in a way that reminds me of his narcissistic dad & grandpa. One day maybe we’ll work things out.  Life’s too short.

I love to write. I always thought that I might do something with it.  I have had feeling that I was capable.  I’m not an over achiever.  I’m kind of a fear of failure/success person.  If I don’t give it all, I can’t possibly fail. Or succeed.  It’s always been my inner conundrum.

I used to read a lot more. I still read occasionally, but not enough.  I play video games and love them. I’ve made some awesome friends online playing an MMORPG.  It’s been in my life for better than 3 and a half years, now.  So have some of those friends.  I used to play the Sims and met several people online via that game.  They have been my online friends for better than or about 15 years.  That floors me!  They are all quite amazing people.

I cook often, love some of it, not awesome at it. I’m not a foodie, but what I cook is decent.  My kids have asked me to make a cookbook for them.  I need to work on that.